February 25, 2017

This is Bullsh*%t

It was 73 outside yesterday.

It is snowing as I type this.  It is 31 degrees. The wind chill temperature is 20F. What the heck Mother Nature? Honest, there is no need to go all crazy on me. I bought real butter.

What, you in the back with your hand up? What do you mean you don't get that reference? OK, Step back to 1974 for a half minute:

The previous post today was written weeks ago.

For reasons I won't get into I was day-tripping back through my archives this morning. Boy, not only did I write a lot, I was pretty opinionated back in the old days. Not like now...

What? One thing remains constant -- I was pretty much right then too.

Enjoy your Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Air on in the truck yesterday, heat on today.

slugmama said...

All time record high of 74F here in NE PA yesterday for late FEBRUARY! Feb. means daytime highs of low 30's here, if you're lucky. Crazy stuff.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Eh. It will be 60 again by Tuesday. Welcome to Indiana.

Anonymous said...

I blame Bush !!

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