February 25, 2017

When Caesar crossed the Rubican River in 49 BCE it meant...

I dig me some trivia. I have stuffed my head with arcane nonsense that only comes in useful when shouting along with Jeopardy, or playing trivial pursuit. No one in my family will play trivia games with me. I often know the answers. If not I can bluff my way through. If that fails I will filibuster until I get my way. I suspect trivia game time of any sort is unpleasant if I am a participant. Why do I suspect this? I have been told it is true.

My wife is used to my stories and boring fact-filled anecdotes. She has developed, in many decades of practice, the ability to look like she is paying attention while her eyes say "I just don't care". She pretends because she loves me. I prattle on because that is what I do.

Almost through a sixth sense I can feel when I have wandered too deep into the trivial. Sometimes even that knowledge fails to stop me from delving too deep into the facts and historical nonsequitors. I do it a lot here at the old blog. I write monologues on the mundane. I can sense you first reading, then skimming, then skipping whole sentences. Then you just click and move on. Hah! You just almost just did right now!

A few times lately I have been talking to my wife about...whatever, and I sense she is only pretending to pay attention. I stop, sometimes mid sentence and ask her "You don't care do you?". She will laugh and tell me no.

You don't care about this, do you?


Practical Parsimony said...

I like trivia, and monologues, and droning on about the mundane. I love Trivial pursuit.

Dan O. said...

Joe, I promise you I read every word you write. Most of the time. ;)

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