February 6, 2017

What He Said

Look, I know you do not read links. I usually do not either. This one is worth your time. Trust me.

Here is a taste:
I am weary of lectures about what values I should have and how insensitive I am. I am tired of being "guilted" for having a job, finding a way to live comfortably and having a practical sense of priority on global warming. I make choices and decisions based on what can be done and what I can pay for, not on what is said or promised. I don't carry signs, chant, dress up in clever costumes, vandalize or wear pink hats. 
Mr. Bust explains why he failed to vote for Hillary:
 I voted for Trump because he was the alternative to letting a collection of free spenders, organizers, race-baiters, intellectuals, tree huggers and professional value arbitrators continue to spend our grandchildren's money.
Go ahead read the whole thing and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I see a bunch of liberals having heart attacks on that site. Trump has not been President for even a month and the moronic left has not let up, when will they learn? The democrats have not learned that is was not so much Pro Trump but the anti- Hillary vote that lost the election.


Grog said...

I won't turn off my adblocker for a windy city news rag, so I didn't read the entire article, but I have to agree with the second paragraph you quoted, a lot of people voted anti-killery.

B has a good thought, what if the "people" in the second paragraph are upping the ante?


CnC said...

Good article, most of his points will have the attact dogs wearing pussy hats nipping at his heels.

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