March 6, 2017

I'm starting to really hate politics

I wrote a version of this some months ago. You can look it up. There was NO hack of the 2016 election by the Russians or anyone else. There is no evidence, zip, zero, nada, rien. Some email accounts and the DNC were hacked. There is no evidence the election was hacked. Any reporter, politician, or Democrat who claims otherwise is a liar, disingenuous, or ignorant of the facts. Period.

Next. Even if Trump was in contact with the Russians, it had nothing to do with your vote, my vote, or a vote for anyone. Those having a hissy fit over Trump's possible discussions with the Russians conveniently ignore that the Clinton Foundation was taking in millions from foreign governments. How many conversations with foreign powers did she, or her surrogates, have in the four years she spent campaigning for the 2016 election?

If the Obama administration did investigate or initiate surveillance on Trump or his cohorts in the months leading up to the election it would rank as a monumental political idiocy. Even if there was a small chance that Trump might win, his new administration would find out about it. At least Nixon used his own men to snoop on the Democrats. He was not dumb enough to use the Justice Department.

On the other hand, those who indignantly claim that Barrack Onama would never do such a thing must have forgotten he sicked the IRS on his political enemies, he had his AG run guns into Mexican drug lords in an attempt to force through gun control measures and he outright lied about the murder of Americans in Benghazi. Obama's hands are far from clean.

Would someone please take away Trump's access to twitter?


Anonymous said...

Social media is of course going nuts about anything anti-Trump. I wonder do these people have jobs, what do they do other than bitch on social media all day long? This of course is their right, being stupid is a right, failing to actually have common sense is a right. I really like the comments from people from Canada and England. Oh well at least they aren't burning cars and blocking traffic while they are posting crap on social media.

James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

America is a sad, sad corrupt state of existence. No wonder NOTHING ever gets done. When the Dems are in office the Repubs fight them tooth and nail. When the Repubs are in office the Dems show just how despicable they truly are. Meanwhile We The People keep paying our taxes so these fools can f**k us over, as we slowing disintegrate off the face of the planet.


Melissa said...

I believe one of the worst things is the AP printing Mrs Pence's email address and everyone just shrugging their shoulders. Can you imagine if it would have been Mrs Obama.....

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Contrariwise, there is this:

Trump: A Master Tactician Serves Filet After the Russian Soufflé Collapses

Ed Bonderenka said...

To be technically correct, Nixon was not involved in the break-in, only the cover up.
Trump opened this can of worms.
I hope they all dry out in the sunlight.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Saw an article overnight that suggests Obama was expecting Trump to respond to low-level leaks and other chicanery by pointing the finger at some low-level Dem. Instead (unexpectedly!) Trump escalated this match to the cage and is daring Obama to rumble. Why? Because it's past time for this crazy-ass shite to be over.

The fact is, Obama needs to disappear like every other former president. He's only staying in DC to foment mischief. And it's beginning to look like he's not smart enough to stay in the game against Trump, the master gamester.

I'm not even all that fond of Trump and I can see that.

Joe said...

You never want to get in a fight with the crazy guy. That is why we ignore the NOKs. Trump has proven he is willing to escalate. Obama is the sneak who has always gotten away with it. Trump does not behave like a politician and no one knows what to do about it when he does not play by the rules.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Trump is a fox. All these politicians with nothing but government service on their resumes have no idea how to react to an actual businessman who gets things done in the real world.

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