June 15, 2017

Long time listener, first time caller

I thought I wrote a post yesterday. It must have been in my dreams. I think it had to do with sugar cream pie. There is no entry in the blogger dashboard -- neither draft nor published. I guess I am losing my mind. Or perhaps I wrote in another dimension, or I gained a grainy black and white glimpse of life in an alternate universe. Maybe it was a blip in The Matrix. It doesn't matter to the here and now, where my coffee mug is lukewarm and nearly empty, where there was no post yesterday after all.

Thank goodness you nor I fell victim to the 93 million gun deaths that occur in this country every day. Since only around 300 million 200 million (now) people live in the gun crazed violent US of A, it is unlikely we will make it to the weekend. Folks in all 57 states need to hunker down. Just think, Dan Quayle was run out of office for a spelling mistake.

We got some rain yesterday and over night. We needed it, even of it does mean I will probably now have to mow the lawn over the weekend. My 'mater plants have blooms. I can get some homegrown deliciousness sometime in July. Hurry up.

Look, I would like to keep on writing this fascinating commentary, but I must address this coffee situation. Once again I put my needs ahead of yours. That is life as a special snowflake.

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