June 13, 2017

Now we are interested in record retention

Really? Isn't there More important stuff for Congress to ponder?  Maybe Congress could look at taxes, the deficit, spending, immigration, roads, welfare, or Social Security.

I find the hysteria over Trump deleting obvious typos in his tweets amusing. Somehow these same people had no issue with Hillary deleting tens of thousands of emails generated as Secretary of State. Did Quigley castigate Comey for removing and leaking Government documents?

It is no wonder the approval rating for Congress is just slightly higher than the odor from your local sewage plant.

Maybe if this nonsense gets Trump to delete his Twitter account it will be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could delete liberals

hey teacher... said...

Going to see U2 Friday in Louisville. How about some Friday music from the boys from Dublin. Something off the beaten path. Thanks! Alright, let the Bono bashing commence.

Cappy said...

It's for the children.

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