June 8, 2017

Our house it has a crowd There's always something happening And it's usually quite loud

Let us play an imagine game. You make an investment. You continue to contribute over the years into this investment. After 100 years or so (83 to be exact) and you find you have a net return of between 0.02% and 0.05%. Would you consider this a good use of your money? Me neither.

Now shut up about the Paris Accords already.

Comey says the President did not encourage him to shut down any investigation, but asked him to speed them up.  I think this is pretty much the opposite of obstruction. Get over it. You lost. Maybe the Democrat Party should focus on winning the next election as opposed to re-fighting the last one. Wait, don't listen to me. Keep living in the past, you liberals.

Today is the wife's redacted birthday. I bought her some donuts to start the day off right. My efforts were completely overshadowed when the granddaughter ran up the front walk carrying a card shouting "Happy Burday" moments later. I lose out to the two year-old every time. I can live with that.

We have finally settled into a spate of nice weather. It is supposed to be warm and sunny for the next week or so. I can live with that too. Our friends have invited us up Saturday to hang out in and around their pool. It is good to have friends with nice stuff.

The boy's dog is curled up in my office recliner watching me work.  He is snoring. The boy has mostly moved back home. He has a job here,. He still needs to get the rest of his stuff out of his apartment. He does not have much.  Our household has increased from two to three. In a couple of weeks my daughter and her family will be moving in until their new house is complete -- sometime in late August. Then there will be six people living here. Plus a dog. We are all going to have to make adjustments. For starters, my office will be moved into the master bedroom to open up a bedroom. It is just for a couple of months. Luckily, the master bedroom is pretty large.

I noticed my beer and booze is already disappearing at a much more rapid rate. The good stuff is anyway. The boy likes good booze. I guess he will drink the cheap stuff when the more expensive bottle is empty. I used to do the same thing to my dad. You probably did too.

Have a great Thursday.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

Happy Birthday to Mrs Joe.

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