June 18, 2017

Stuff I wish I had written, Volume XXXVIII

one last thing , an article on the upcoming eclipse says that temperatures will drop during the eclipse, I guess that big shiny thing in the sky might impact climate.  I need to read the Paris accord to see what we can do about making the Sun get its act together. JOG


Madam Hightower said...

Did you hear that only 18 people came out to hear Former President Obama speak in Germany with Angela Merkel at his side? It's so obvious that Merkel and the German people really do not respect This phony guy , and as a matter of fact they loathe him. He's been running alive the world trying to get his legacy restored, after President Trump an "schlonged" him as being an embarrassment to America! . How will he ever ever get any respect back after Trump degraded him and made s fool out of him and his failed policies?

Joe said...

I did not see that. I'm not surprised. You know the press will never report that!

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