June 2, 2017

We are all gonna die

Trump pulled out of the Paris Accords -- which is a treaty to the rest of the world, but not here because Obama and the Constitution -- so now the world is on the brink of going all Krypton 'splody or something. I'm not still sure how agreeing to pay hard-earned confiscated money from Americans to third world countries helps solve climate issues. What nation would agree to hurting their economy to help another nation's?

 Taking wealth from rich countries and passing it out to poor ones is merely global socialism. It does not matter if it is for a good cause or not. I will take a cynical, self-serving view. Why should the U S hurt our economy when India or China or Slovenia are going to keep pumping out carbon dioxides? The Paris Accords have no enforcement provisions so that is akin to a voluntary speed limit. In other words, a joke.

Global hysteria over this move is like a neighbor complaining about your overflowing trash bins while he pours used motor oil out by the back fence.

If the Paris agreement is so important then the American people should get a say, through the vote of the Senate. That is how treaties are done in this country. By the way, Congress can impose restrictions that match the Paris accords on their own, should they deem it important, without the requirement to send American dollars to non-conforming shitholes. Any Representative or Senator that believes the end of he world is upon us for not abiding by the carbon caps or whatever can introduce legislation to remedy the situation TODAY. He or she can save the world for our grandchildren.

Chirp. Chirp. That's what I thought.

I suspect Trump could propose the strictest carbon caps in the world and the environmentalists would not be content. It is about global socialism, not the environment. 

We should use as much solar or wind or alternative energy as possible. More Nukes! Frack away for that natural gas. We should eliminate pollutants. Fewer chemicals in our water and land is a good thing. We do not need to be a part of the Do-Gooder club where we pay the dues and get no benefits.

As soon as the Climate models prove accurate I will listen. As long as the whole "Climate Change" movement remains a Ponzi scheme to extract dollars from our treasury, I remain skeptical.

As always, I encourage dissenting opinions.


slugmama said...

Follow the money trail.

Anonymous said...

It's clear that nothing that Trump does will make the liberal losers happy. The Russians did it, they are to blame for Climate change, birth control and Hillary being the ugliest beast that walks the earth. I feel kind of sorry for her daughter she is junior Hildabeast.

James Old Guy

Cheryl said...

I am on one site that they are all going crazy. One nice poster said Trump followers are morons, problem is there are Trump supporters on that site, nice. I am tired of the liberal crying about Trump, I didn't like Obama, still don't but everyone has their right to their own opinion. Cheryl

B said...

"We should use as much solar or wind or alternative energy as possible.".

Yes, as long as there are no subsidies for them.

And I will believe that "Climate Change" or Glowball Warmening" or whatever they are calling it this week is real and caused by man released carbon when the elites who trumpet this start acting like it. When the climate change conferences are done via video conference instead of all the "important people" flying to Bali or some other remote vacation spot for a conference.....and when they stop flying and start driving small cars and such.

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