July 15, 2017

Almost like finding Nemo, only different

1,219 years ago I started a new job in  a new town. We had to sell our house, pack our crap and move. The company paid for the move. While the wife managed the logistics, all while wrangling a three-year old and an infant, I lived out of a hotel in the new place. A couple of weeks after I was hired, another new employee joined the company. He too moved into the hotel while his family made the move. We were about the same age, had similar interests, and were stuck in a small town with little to do for a few months waiting on our families to arrive. We ate dinner and lunch together most days. We had an occasional beer or six. He was my work friend for the eight years I worked at that company. As is usually the case, over time we lost touch as our career paths diverged.

Imagine my surprise to discover my old pal during a routine prospecting stop yesterday. I asked the receptionist if I could drop off some literature and the name of the widget buyer so I could make an appointment. When she said the name, I knew it had to be my old colleague: the plant was not far from where he lived and the name not that common. I asked the receptionist to ask if the buyer would have a few minutes for Joe Hoosierboy. He did. It was him. We spent a good half hour reminiscing.

Unfortunately, he is not the buyer for widgets, but he promised to give my propaganda to the right individual. Networking, it is how stuff gets done. It was great to see my old friend again.  I hope I get some business so I can talk with him some more.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I was talking to a HiLo salesman I've bought from.
He was encouraging me over my recent release from employment.
As we were talking, he asked if my son's name is Caleb.
He knew him from the Chamber of Commerce.
Caleb is an ambassador.
Salesman is on the board.
He was impressed with Caleb's involvement and is "promoting" him to a company he is selling dock equipment to, to find real estate for their incoming execs.
I found out before Caleb did!
So I acted like I got him the gig.
For a few minutes. :)
And it's how I got my last job and maybe how I'll get my next.

Jean said...

Why couldn't you keep in touch via his work email for starters?

Ed, wishing you the best on your job search.

Joe said...


I will

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