July 17, 2017

Our sails hang limp in the doldrums

Here we are, staring at the blinking cursor on a bright and sunny Monday morning.

Perhaps more coffee will help move things along.  Hold on a minute or two.

I'm back. Still boring you though. I had a great weekend. You don't need or desire the details.

Today's blog is a waste of time for both of us. Perhaps inspiration will strike later. I want to do some research on the Mexican War and the battle of Buena Vista. Perhaps I will bore you with those details in a future installment. Perhaps not.  Actual work needs doing first and foremost.

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Anonymous said...

Rain again today, high of 82, thunder has critters upset. Oh well on to the Washington Post to see what they have to whine about today. I will stop by FB later and read more outraged liberals calling everyone names who don't agree with them.

James Old Guy

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