August 23, 2017

This makes the Fonze skiing in his leather jacket actually believable

Perhaps this is the moment the hysteria and idiocy finally jumps the shark. ESPN has removed an announcer for an upcoming football game at UVA simply because his name is Robert Lee. The network admitted the decision was made solely on the similarity of the broadcaster's name to the Civil War general.

You may ask what kind of Nazi, redneck, KKKer white supremacist Republican clan would name their kid after the most hated man in American history? Oh wait, Mr. Lee is an Asian-American. You know one of tne tens of million Lees throughout the world and no relation to old Robert E at all.

But hey, don't hold the "do not judge people by outward appearance" crowd to their own standard. After all, there are probably more that 100,000,000 people with the surname Lee in the world. I'm pretty sure they are all guilty by association with a general who died about a century and a half ago.

I am really starting to believe I really am living in a computer program. Some pimply kid down in the basement is trying to see how absurd he can make things.  This story is too astoundingly stupid otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Progressive liberalism is a disease. With obviously no cure in sight.
Best to stay away from liberals lest you catch the disease too.

Anonymous said...

ESPN, owned by Disney has become like CNN, once fairly reliable , now totally worthless.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

This explains ESPNs tankng ratings.

Jon Moore said...


Cappy said...


Living here in Cleveland, take it from me, it NEVER jumps the shark! It just gets dumber and dumber.

There's no end to the stupidity!

Melissa said...

I hope Robert Lee sues them for everything!!!! A new low in the Liberals World that we just live in

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