August 21, 2017

Big fat nothing sandwhich

The over-hyped Big Eclipse was a giant non-event here at my Sooper Sekrit location as heavy clouds obscured the sky.  Your results might have been different.

The media acted much like our ancestors would have a hundred or five hundred years ago, all panic and hysteria. I thought we were in the age of Science!.

I got upgraded in my rental car again, I do have that going for me. As an added plus, I am spending the night in a Holiday Inn Express, so I should be set to do emergency surgery, attorney work, and general contracting should the occasion arise tomorrow. Unfortunately, I suspect my blogging skills will not be magically enhanced by the experience.

Give your significant other a cheap thrill today. It don't cost nuthin'.


Anonymous said...

Ahh here on my ex rice plantation with no statues, we had a thunderstorm and it just got dark, exactly like a night time thunderstorm. I was expecting the ghost of General Lee to ride through along with Stonewall Jackson to rekindle the civil war. Oh well statues scare me anyway.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

It got dark. I saw the stars. Then it got light again.
I didn't know the eclipse was supposed to take all night.

Jean said...

The weather "pros" here are already planning for April 2024 when Cleve will be in the path....ho hummmmm.

hey teacher... said...

We were not in totality but took students outside to observe and do some science and math activities. Some students skipped school and went to KY or IL to totality zones and were very enthused with what they saw. We were 98.6 % . BIG difference. The reality didn't live up to the hype.

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