November 23, 2017

I have plenty to be thankful for...

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you for taking time from your busy day to read my blog. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

I have lots to be thankful for this year.

Right now I’m up hanging out with my turkey. Ok, I was up anyway. She is taking a cold water bath just to make sure her inerds are thawed before I rub her big old breasts with salt and smother them in melted butter before baking.

Early this afternoon my  immediate family will gather here at the old homestead (minus my oldest son who is a thousand miles away). The normal Thanksgiving fare will cover the table: turkey, noodles, mashed spuds, candied yams, green beans, mac&cheese, rolls, gravy --  a veritable carbohydrate extravaganza. Your menu may vary.

What are you doing reading this crap?  Go spend time with your family, watch a parade or football game, read a book. Take a break from the interwebz today.


slugmama said...

My bird just went into the oven and the roll dough is proofing. Soon I'll run up to Rite-Aid to pillage some freebies before continuing with the feast prep.

I hope you have a good Thanksgiving Day. My eldest is also not here for the day but in my heart. 8-)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Watching the parade, reading your blog.
Happiest of Thanksgivings to you (until next year)!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

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