November 24, 2017

Like the man said

Let the season begin!

No, I will not be shopping today.

Yes, I will finish putting up the decorations today. The inside is mostly done. I will get the outsid lights up this afternoon since it is supposed to be in the fifties.

Dinner was great yesterday, food family and festivities. My granddaughter was on, entertaining everyone.

The wife and I cleaned up the mess after everyone left. We went to see a movie afterward.

Have a great Friday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

What did you see? We saw Wonder last night. Excellent!

Jean said...

We're going to see Murder On the Orient Express.
Wonder looks awesome. I just got the book.

Joe said...

We saw Daddy’s Home 2. Awful, just terrible. The last 1/3 was so stupid I thought about leaving. But we atilll had popcorn left...

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