December 11, 2017

Dear Democrats, Gimme a break

The Democrats and media (redundancy alert) are on their moral high horse talking how Al I didn’t really resign yet Franken “sacrificed” himself even though he didn’t really do anything that wrong. He is held up as the example of why the Democrats are pure and wonderful and red and blue sprinkles on a birthday cake. They respect women. Republicans don’t because some dude who hit on teenagers 40 years ago is running for office or something.

Again, just like with Hillary, the Democrats and media cannot grasp that a piece of crap human is still preferable to their candidate. Sorry to burst that bubble, but most Americans still find the idea that you can abort a baby right up to the time it is born repugnant. Many Americans don’t like Bernie Bro leftist economics.

More to the point, I refuse to be lectured by the very people who told me to shut up about Bill Clinton and excused and lionized and honored Ted Kennedy. Sorry, your sudden morality has the crackle of Confederate money.

Besides, what the voters in Alabama decide is not a reflection of the nation as a whole. John McCain certainly doesn’t represent me as a conservative, and Roy Moore won’t represent me either.

I’m sick of the whole resistance nonsense. Your candidate lost. Get over it. I know you are disappointed. I felt the same way in ‘08 and ‘12. Trust me — exactly the same way. Trump is not my dream President, but he is doing what I want done. He is appointing conservatives to the court. The economy is growing. The borders are becoming more secure. Check, check, and check. If he can find a way to cut my taxes and gut ObamaCare, I give him bonus points.

In the meantime, Democrats lecturing anyone on morality is the height of hypocrisy. I guess if you forego any moral standards you don’t have to worry about it. I fart in your general direction.


Practical Parsimony said...

Most Americans who support abortion do not support late term abortions! You leave out a lot. What happens in AL is not a reflection of how all Alabamians feel. Moore has the frightened religious fold, the ignorant country folk, the ones who hear what they want to hear and are swayed by keywords.

Joe said...

Indeed most Americans don’t support late term abortions. The Dem running for the Alabama senate seat does. That may be reason enough for many to hold their nose and pull the lever for Moore. That was my point.

Roy Moore is a piece of crap. If the people of Alabama want to elect him, it is none of my business. It is also not a reflection on me as a conservative (not Republican) voter. I refuse to be painted by that brush.

Irony alert. Don’t let me paint you with the hypocrisy epithet if you didn’t support Clinton and Kennedy and are appalled by Roy Moore hitting on teenagers. One just cannot have both ways.

The same national Democrat pols and media who ignored and supported Clinton have no grounds to condemn anyone in Alabama who want to ignore 40 year old accusations.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Moore will be elected or not and in fact I don't care. I don't live in Alabama, I have lived there for a few years but I now live in a different state. The people of Alambama will pick who they want, just like every other state. We have enough problems with the jerks we elect in South Carolina and I suspect every other state has the same issues. I don't like the idea of people from California, Ohio , New York or any other state interfering with another states election and then getting pissed when happens to them. The whole thing is total bullshit, I find it hard to believe none of this came up in Moore's previous elections, this stinks and everyone knows it.

James Old Guy

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If it weren't for the 17th Amendment, Roy Moore would be sitting at home.

A partial answer to getting these disgusting people out of government is to repeal the 17th Amendment.

And repeal the 16th while we're at it.

Joe said...

And rewrite the 14th so it clearly address slavery, not ant equal access nonsense liberals want it to address

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