December 14, 2017

Office Christmas Party

The raging winds have finally died down here at the old homestead. The whole house was groaning and creaking last night as old Boreas did his thing. It is still seasonably cold, but the big willow out back has ceased to imitate the Whomping Willow of Harry Potter fame. The sun is rising in dull pink and gray hues out my office window. Unfortunately, the privacy fence that surround my back yard prevented all of that wind from dispersing the layer of damp, soggy leaves that still carpets the ground.

I’m off to the corporate office later today. The big office Christmas Luncheon is scheduled for the morrow  and a failure to make an appearance would be noticed when I am one of 15 employees.

The local remote location will probably hold its own Holiday Extravaganza next Friday afternoon. Heck, those festivities may last all day. Since I am the sole employee at this sales office and that location is a spare bedroom in my house, I can just play it by ear. If I have a few drinks and pinch the office cleaning girl on the rear and make a few lewd comments, she won’t mind. She’s my wife. She will probably give me ‘that’ look though. I’m used to her mild disapproval.

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