December 16, 2017

Really, it is OK if you quit me

3:30 rolled around this morning and I felt a figurative tap on my shoulder as my old buddy insomnia decided to stop by for a visit. Last month I fought a battle with an inability to sleep, but in recent weeks I was back to semi-regular sleep patterns. Not today! I wouldn’t mind if Mr. Insomnia decided to hang out with someone else for a while. We have been intimate acquaintances for most of my life. I’m ready to move on. So here I am catching up on Interweby-type stuff. My Echo is softly playing Christmas music in an effort to force me into the mood of the season.

I spent the end of the week in the general environs of the Windy City. The drive up Thursday and back last night were uneventful. I soldiered through the normal late afternoon/early evening creeping traffic at the 290 to 294 bottleneck and along I-80 to the perpetually-under-construction interchange with I-65. The History on Fire podcast kept me entertained up and back with the four Crazy Horse episodes.

My granddaughter turns 3 today. She is the lone bright spot in an otherwise gloomy holiday season. For the first time in my life I just want Christmas to be done. I normally love this time of year. This year I just cannot get in the spirit. 2017 has been such a miserable year. Death, finances, and general malaise have combined to rob the holidays of their magic.

Ah, you didn’t come here to hear me whine. I hope not. If you did, I seriously wonder about you. I have managed to kill almost two hours goofing on the internet. Two cups of coffee and a half of a peanut butter sandwich broke up the time. This pathetic post took far longer than my usual ten minutes to compose and peck out on the keyboard. Too bad the effort is not reflected in the results. I’ve said it before, you get what you pay for around here.

Enjoy your Saturday, I’m going to try and read myself back to sleep here in my old comfy recliner.

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Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. At least my cat loves me, I think.

James Old Guy

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