December 10, 2017

Revisiting Old Swayback

I have always liked to re-watch favorite movies and re-read favorite books. There are some movies I have seen 20 or 30 times. A few books I have read multiple times. By “multiple” I mean at least five times or more. Occasionally, one of my favorite multi-read books turns into a muti-view movie. The old adage that mediocre books make great movies is often true. The book and the movie I’m about to watch may be a case in point. I was maybe 11 or so when I came across an old hardback version of In Harms Way by James Bassett. I had already formed a love of history at that point and the book fit right into my groove. I read it straight through. Only much later did I see the John Wayne movie version. Although there are some changes to the plot, I dig the movie too.

For the past several years, due to my frequently chronicled eye problems I was unable to read my old copy of the book. In fact, when we moved here in 2013 I sold and donated just about every one of my physical books since I couldn’t read the print. Instead, I relied completely on my Kindle and it’s adjustable font. I have some of my favorites, ones I just couldn’t bear to part with*, in a plastic tub in the back of a closet. I think Bassett’s book is in there. Now I don’t have to go dig it out, because when looking up links for this post I discovered  the old book is now available pretty cheap in electric format! I can read real books now, but it is far more comfortable reading on my e-reader. I just scored one of my favorite stories!

The point of this post was to discuss watching the movie this morning. I like to watch it this time of year. Now I may reread the book instead. Choices, sometimes they are a win-win.

*like my 30+ year-old copy of The Washing of the Spears.

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In Harms Way. The Gallant Hours.
They Were Expendable.

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