December 6, 2017

Three hundred and twenty

Unless I start cranking out meaningless posts* several times a day for the rest of the month, it appears I will fall short of 400 posts in a year for the first time in a more than a century. OK, since I started inflicting my worldview upon the interwebz in general back in ‘05. That inaugural year saw 481 posts in just nine months of blogging. That would equate to more than 600 posts in a year! I must have had a lot to say in those days. Maybe I just had more time?

As a point of order, it looks unlikely I will even manage to write the average of one post a day for 2017. Considering I was unemployed for a while, that’s pretty sad. Or not. It depends on your point of view.

My record of 544 posts in 2006, when blogging was at its height, seems more than safe. I have neither the time nor the desire to inflict myself on you that often.

Haha, this makes four six posts in two three days. I may make 365 yet!

*like this one


Anonymous said...

It is sad that blogging has turned into twitter and face farce posts for a lot of the old bloggers. I miss most of them even EOB.

James Old Guy

Joe said...

I agree

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