February 9, 2018

I really do not care about the Olympics

I woke a little earlier than usual this morning. So it goes.

Since I had some time, I perused the usual news sites. Man, this is going to be a weird Friday.

Some guy spanked someone else's kid at a Kroger in Georgia. Even if the kid had it coming that is just wrong. If someone had spanked my recalcitrant kid I would have likely intervened in a most uncivilized way.

Some college girl claims she was told to flush her "emotional support gerbil" by an airline employee. She did it. My first thought -- a comfort gerbil? Give me a break. This is getting out of hand. If you cannot bear to part with your gerbil, peacock, snake, cat, prairie dog, wolverine,or even dog, then drive. In your own car. Maybe my trusty handgun provides me with emotional support. How about that?

My second thought? I doubt anyone from the airline told her to flush the gerbil. I think the girl was stuck with a small rodent and had nothing else to do with it after the gerbil was denied on the plane, so she flushed it.

Here is a quick aside, did you know that it is now thought that the Bubonic Plague started from flea-bitten infected gerbils? Maybe it was hamsters?

This "support animal" trend is a joke. I was at the mall a couple of weeks ago. I was settled into the comfy chairs waiting on the wife and heard a dog snarling and growling and barking in one of the stores. After a while a lady came out, pulling a dog in one of those rolling dog carriers. The dog barked and growled at every person in the hallway.  That is not a trained service dog. That is someone who cannot leave their pet at home.

I am glad airlines are starting to crack down on this stuff.  Assholes always ruin it for everyone.  If only that nut-job in Georgia had instead spanked the gerbil girl at the Philly airport for being a sniveling jerk, then we would have a solution.


Anonymous said...

I didn't get the comfort gerbil thing either, thinking a lawsuit will soon be following. In other news, the republican version of Pelosi shows that both sides are worthless.


Joe said...

Both wings of tne Democrat Party -- the Rs and the Ds -- are spending like crazy. They have learned what tne Roman Emporers discovered two thousand years ago; the way to stay in power is to give away free stuff.

The snowflakes cannot stand to hear "no" and neither party is willing to say it.

This bunch is making Obama look like a piker when it comes to spending.

Anonymous said...

Trying to make up 8 years of Obama budget cuts in the miltiary can't be done in one year. 8 years of buying weapons systems that can't be maintained to show the public,, "We Support the Military". I won't lay it all on Obama, the actual support for the miltary has been a circus since Bush 1.


Practical Parsimony said...

I saw a man with a mangy looking dog in the library. He let the dog loose, let it put its paws on the library desk where people were working, encouraged children to pet him and feed him. I told them he brought a pet. The library said he had official papers saying it was a working dog for his disability. I assured them he got papers off the internet. And, people with disabilities discouraged people interacting with their animals. I asked the guy what the dog was for. He told me it was his balance dog because he had trouble walking. Then, two seconds later the guy tripped over the dog who was not standing still and walked right in front of the guy. The same guy did the same thing in WM. He brought in his dog and walked about encouraging people to play with the dog. Idiot.

Joe said...

A balance dog? That is ridiculous.

Trained service animals do not interact with tne public. They don't jump on tne desk, they lie at their owners feet.

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