February 8, 2018

Won't you be my neighbor?

This post could be a rerun from any late winter since 2013. It is time to turn off your Christmas lights. You don't have to take them down, but you can unplug them. It is closer to spring than Christmas. Turn off the lights. Seriously, there are two houses in my neighborhood sporting their Christmas lights. Last year one of them burned them until April.

I bought the wife a wireless charger for her phone as a Christmas gift. She loves it because she can put her phone on it at night and not worry about yanking the power cord when her alarm goes off in the morning. The charger quit working last week. I called tech support and they provided a return authorization to send it back. I had to pay to ship it. It was $13 to send it back to California. The darn thing only cost $35 since it was the Amazon deal of the day. If the thing had broken a week earlier I could have shipped to Amazon for free. Still, it does not seem right that I have to pay to replace a defective product, especially when it is not even two months old.

Such is life. Have a great Thursday.


Anonymous said...

My neighbor still has a inflatable santa plugged in and running

Anonymous said...

We have a few houses that still have lights up but not plugged in. Other than that 70s for highs for the next 10 days or so. In other news Nancy Pulosi stands and talks for eight hours and manages to say nothing.

James Old Guy

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