February 16, 2018

Midwest Living

It was in the mid-sixties temperature-wise yesterday, with intermittent rain. A typical spring day. Today, why highs in the thirties with snow flurries. Life in this part of the country is interesting. I suppose Mother Nature decided that in lieu of scenery we would have extreme fluctuations in weather. Generally, we suffer the whims of a northwest wind or a southwest wind, thus warm one day, cold the next. An absence of terrain features lets Canadian cold air and warm Gulf breezes determine whether we wear a jacket or heavy coat.

Knock on wood, I think the worst of my cold is behind me.

How much longer do the Olympics last? What is the difference in the ski events? It looks like they race down the same slope every night. When did they start painting the course in blue lines? How many different times do the ice skaters perform? Why won’t other channels show alternative programming that is not reruns? I have so many questions.

How about we combine some of the Olympic events to speed stuff up? For instance see if the people who ski and shoot could use the ice skaters for targets. See how high the skaters jump and twist then. I bet more than a few would get rid of some sparkles on their costumes. That would be worth watching. I suspect gun jokes are hard today. If you are offended disregard this paragraph. I am really surprised the shooting sports haven’t been banned from the Olympics anyway.

Have a great Friday.


Anonymous said...

Damn Al Gore strikes again. Only watched the Games off and on, it is clear this team was a PC team. Wonder what the tax payers chipped in to support these games? I see the press backing off on the Florida shootings since so many government and state agencies cleary screwed up royally.

James Old Guy.

Practical Parsimony said...

Did you have the wind blow you over and hit your head?

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