February 17, 2018

What a guy

Considerate. That is just one of many adjectives that have been used to describe me. Mostly used by me, but that is getting off topic. Apparently, the boy spent the night elsewhere. His dog usually sleeps in his room. As I shuffled upstairs to the office blog room the dog was curled in my recliner. He rolled his eyes at me as I turned on the light. Instead of booting his sleepy carcass from my chair, I grabbed my iPad and came downstairs to surf the web and blog from the couch. Let sleeping dogs lie is the old saying and who am I to go against convention? See, I am so considerate I even make sure my kid’s dog is comfortable.

We are heading to visit our oldest friends this evening. Yesterday was my buddies’ birthday so an evening of eating and hanging out is in the plans. Yesterday was also my Mommy’s birthday, so we will stop by to wish her belated best wishes too.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is coming up soon. It is probably time to start making that list o’stuff and  placing orders if you are buying my gifts from the interwebz. Please limit your gifts to no more than five this year. Let me know if you need ideas. Beer and cigars are always good places to start. I wouldn’t turn up my nose to a free week on the beach. Please remember, when it comes to getting me gifts, money should be no object.

Players are in warm climes starting spring training! Unmeaningful and nearly-unwatchable games start next week. Still, spring training baseball is better than no baseball.

In a maybe intentional ironic twist, the Cubs are giving away umbrellas as a premium for one of their games against the Cleveland Indians this season. You might remember it was a fortunate rain delay that allowed the Cubs to regroup and win the World Series in 2016. My blog buddy Jean may not find this umbrella idea as funny as I do.

Have a great Saturday.

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Jean said...

That's ok. Looks like we're getting Rajai back.

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