February 23, 2018

Not even remotely deep thoughts

A crazed terrorist uses a car or truck to mow down innocent people. Dozens are killed and wounded. It has happened many times worldwide. Yet not once has anyone called for a ban on trucks, not even ones with automatic transmissions.


Anonymous said...

In realty this whole gun control this has nothing to do with guns. It is about control, it is a talking feel good point from politians. They want to ban the NRA but say nothing about Soros or other big contributers. It feeds on fear and of course for the children. The only reason anyone knows anything about an AR15 is the press, in fact it is a fairly crappy varmit gun and it is black and doesn't look like a regular hunting rifle. Keep feeding kids and adults ADHD drugs , anti-depressants and think smoking dope is the solution to everything. We have become a country of idiots, no common sense, and no responablity for our actions.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

Like JOG said. Population control in more than one sense of the word, including subjugation and abortion.

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