February 4, 2018

Super Sunday

It is weird how life works. In the past election I voted against a candidate. In tonight's Big Football Game I will be rooting against the New England Patriots, because duh. In no other circumstances would I cheer on the Eagles, but today they will get my feeble and grudging support.

Since I am a loser from way back, I have to support the underdog. I am happy the Cubs are contenders these days in baseball. I'm ecstatic they won a World Series, but secretly I miss the lovable losers a tiny bit. Only a tiny bit.

I'm sure my future commitment hearings will feature this commentary.

Anyway, today is he Superbowl. I have seen many area businesses post closings for this evening. I guess this football game has become bigger than Christmas eve. Even pizza places have listed closings and I would think Superbowl night for a pizza joint would be like black Friday to a retailer. Shows what I know.

I've seen some push for Superbowl Monday to be a holiday. Let me get down on a knee and ponder that.


Have a great Sunday, whether you watch the game or not. This year we are staying home to watch tne game. We are having potato soup for supper. Because it is Soup-er Bowl Sunday. Honest. Just one more reason you wish you were me.


Cheryl said...

Steelers here but I would pick any team but the Patriots. As you probably know, the pirates have sunk to a new low so I'm not sure I'm going to even watch baseball this year. The fans are trying to have the owner sell the team, how sorry is that. Cheryl

Ed Bonderenka said...

Oh. Is that today?

Anonymous said...

Patriots because everyone seems to hate Tom Brady. Been to Philly, only place worse is Chicago,, maybe.

James Old Guy

Joe said...

Spent a lot of time in Philly. Chicago is probably 2nd followed by Charlotte

Philly is a dump

Jean said...

I'm glad the Eagles won. Or, maybe I'm gladder Brady lost.

I made nachos for dinner.

Joe said...

I'm with you on that Jean

It sure looked like Brady refused to shake hands and walked right off the field

If so, what a jerk

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