March 10, 2018

Hey You Guys...

Like every other blogger,  my readership has dropped significantly. Blogging is an old dinosaur, the cool kids are on instagram and Facebook and Twitter and whatever platform the kids have moved to in order to hide their quest for fame from their parents. I also take a significant share of responsibility.  To paraphrase the movie line, if you write it they will come. One has to have interesting and compelling content. Still, my daily hits are down by about half over the past week or so. Is it me? Are you on spring break? Have I offended you?

I don’t expect an answer. If you aren’t reading this you won’t know I asked you a question. If you are reading, then it doesn’t apply. I don’t want you readers to tell me I boring, can’t spell, lack coherent arguments, and that my grammar is awful, my writing atrocious.

It is very likely you are as bored with my efforts as I am.

I could tell you about the light bulb that blew apart in my office ceiling fan this morning. I have to figure out how to get the carcass out of the socket later. I suspect that is not riveting content.

Oh well. I am coming up on my 197th  blogversary later this month. I’ll likely keep at it until I am back where every hit was me checking to see if anyone read my crap, or I die from boredom. Either scenario could play out in the next months.

Boo boo poor me.


B said...

Making sure it is on, use pliers, preferably needlenose.

Or a potato.

either one can help remove a broken bulb from a socket that is powered down.

I hope you read all the way down. Don't kill yourself on a live socket.

Anonymous said...

Cut a potato in half , make sure the power is off..I don't trust wall switch so I kill the circuit breaker.
James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

Preferably redskins. They fit better.

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