May 25, 2018

And yet again

Another school shooting this morning. This time a few miles from my abode.

No one reportedly dead.

Details will come out in due time.

The local news needs to really stop interviewing bystanders with no knowledge of the situation. Rumor, innuendo, and supposition, even from a parent, serves no purpose beyond filling the airwaves in a rush to be “first”. It is cheap sensational reporting and at worst, it is irresponsible.


Anonymous said...

Every shooting within 5 miles of school is now a school shootint..Someone gets shot here every day, schools do the lock down drill even if no where near the school, can you say agenda.

James Old Guy

Joe said...

This was my in a middle school. One student and a teacher shot. The middle schooler- shooter is in custody. The teacher track led the kid who reportedly had two handguns. The teacher took three bullets.

hey teacher... said...

The agenda is to be prepared, that’s it. No hidden liberal blah, blah blah or whatever. Just the ability to react when something bad happens. That’s just my view... ... from inside the classroom.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If you’re not armed, you’re not prepared.

Anonymous said...

Wonder where he got the guns? I have a few questions.

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