May 27, 2018

Vroom, splash, pop

Happy Sunday to you. If you like motor sports , today is your day. F1, NASCAR, and Indy are all revving their engines. It will be hot and humid for the Indy 500. I suspect lots of beer headaches by mid afternoon out at the Speedway. I won’t be there. I’ve been there and done that. The race is fun and the cars are faster than you can imagine if you have only seen the race on TV. The traffic to and fro the track is unbelievable. The start of the Indy race will make your heart flutter and the hair prickle on the back of your neck. The raw power of those cars is almost visceral. The end of the race is almost always thrilling. The rest is just watching the cars whiz by for a couple of hours.

We are heading off to hang with friends. Lounging in the pool, sipping cold beer, and smooth burning stogies are on tap. Yet another reason you wish you were me.

My new Chicago Cubs chapeau arrived yesterday ahead of schedule. This negates my complaints detailed in an earlier post. So it goes. I can’t even get my bitching right.

My son-in-law’s family had a tree planted at Butler University in honor of my grandson. Both my daughter and SIL are graduates of Butler. They met there. It is somehow appropriate that a memorial to their lost son be planted in Holcomb Gardens at the university. We met there yesterday for an unofficial dedication. Both families, his and ours,  then enjoyed a nice luncheon afterwards. It was a nice and bittersweet event.

Enjoy your day.

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