May 7, 2018

I will take collusion for $1000, Alex

For those desperately seeking evidence of collusion with a foreign government against the US*, look no further than reports that John Kerry has been meeting with foreign governments to find a way to keep Trump from dumping the Iran Nuclear agreement. Kerry has no official position. This is like you or I trying to negotiate outside of the government. This is a clear violation of the oft-cited but never enforced Logan Act.

This is not the first time citizen Kerry has deigned to negotiate on behalf of America. He tried to intervene in the negotiations surrounding he Vietnam War back in the seventies. Yes, he is a self-important jackanapes.

I wonder at the level of outrage had Trump tried to negotiate with say, the NOKs, had Hillary won the Oval Office. I suspect liberal heads would explode live on CNN.

I would give up beer and cigars for a month if Trump had Kerry arrested and perp walked. He doesn't even have to follow through with arraignment, just let me see on thelevision the figurative "knock it off, jerk" slap upside the head Kerry so richly deserves.

* there is no law against "collusion". Trump could have consulted Putin every single day during the 2016 campaign and broken nary a law.


Ed Bonderenka said...

It has been suggested that Kerry and Mueller are siblings separated at birth.

Anonymous said...

Kerry is a waste of sperm.

James Old Guy

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