May 8, 2018

Just like a slave, only not at all like it

I read where the mother of a Duke basketball player claims her son was just like a slave because he did not get paid for his basketball skills. She starred at Ole Miss and thinks she was enslaved by the NCAA too.

Both went to college for free, including tuition, room, board, and books. I suspect my three kids, each of which has monthly student loan payments equal to a mortgage payment would like to argue with her. Carter was paid sixty thousand dollars a year in kind for his efforts on the court. In addition, he got a college education. Slave? I think not. What slave gets $60K a year in compensation, including room and board, and can cease his labor at will? No one is forced to play ball. No one is forced to stay in school. You cannot be bought or sold to a school n Iowa or Utah. It is all voluntary. Slave? No, it is called a job, an opportunity to learn your craft and get compensated for it.

How about this, a prospective college athlete can choose an atheletic scholorship to pay for his education or get paid for playing. Players can choose minimum wage for official practice time, $15 or $20 an hour for game time and pay their own room and board. If they want the education, they take out loans like the rest of the student body to pay the tuition. The players who choose to get paid are just like the rest of us, if you do not work you do not get paid. I hope that knee holds up. You better get you some insurance.

Sorry student athletes, many students have commitments outside of class. All three of my kids worked while attending school.



Quit crying. All of us who work for the man make money for others. Do you think I was paid even 1% of the sales when I had a $35 million dollar territory? No. Not even close. Grow up students.

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Anonymous said...

I read that bullshit and think exactly the same thing. The old race card is getting worn out.

James Old Guy

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