June 8, 2018

Soporific Tedium

I contemplated having my coffee and Internet time out on the patio this morning. I even carried out my cup of java. The cushions were wet from a random squall over night. Instead I'm blogging from the office; chair tipped back and feet on my desk.

It looks like the President is digging in on tariffs. My neighbor sells machine tools and he said his company got billed for a steel shipment that arrived last week. He has no choice but to pass it on to his customers. The problem is not all steel is the same. There is limited steel capacity in this country, especially for specialty steel, and the tariff makes no distinction between grades of material.

If the next round of proposed tariffs goes into effect I will be out of a job. Our major selling tool is price and a double digit increase will make us beyond uncompetitive, it will put us out of business.

It is Friday. It is my fair spouse's birthday. I'm alive. I will worry about that other stuff another day.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Jean said...

Happy B'day, Mrs. Joe.
Hope the weekend is delightful for all.

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