July 24, 2018

Anything you can do...

I am ready to win the day. I spent he night in a Holiday Inn Express and now I am going to kick butt. What should I do? A little surgery? Nothing too critical like slicing into a brain or heart. Perhaps I shall excise a few warts, cut out an ingrown tonail, repair a hernia, splint a fractured tibia.

I just might do the lawyer thing. I could Clarence Darrow up a modern Scopes Trial, cast doubt on the guilt of OJ, prosecute the Manson Gang, mark up a one-sided contract.

I could be a politician. That is an easy gig, if you don't mind grubbing for money and selling your soul. Or being a self-centered egotistical dickwad lying hypocrite puppet whore willing to felate the nearest lobbyist after the local chicken dinner.

No, not even the Holiday Inn will let me sink that low.

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