July 23, 2018

Changing lanes on the Tri-State

Ah, Monday. It looks like it will be a great week, weather-wise. In all other aspects not so much. I'm off to the corporate HQ this morning. I'm not sure why I'm going, but the boss says "You Shall" and I does. So I will pack up my working files and my laptop, and other stuff and sit at a desk in the corporate office and do exactly what I do in my home office. And the next time I get the lecture about watching my expenses I will sit and seethe and bite my tongue to keep from mentioning the cost for me to sit at the corporate office and do the same work I do remotely. When I said I wanted to get out on the road more this wasn't what I meant. I guess I will have to wear shoes at work this week.

But I complain too much and you don't care.

Posting may be light, or not, depending on if my crappy iPad can connect to the hotel interwebz. I don't blog from the company 'puter.

Have a great Monday. I made other plans.

Oh, I read two years of archived crap looking for a particular post I want to rerun. To quote U2: i still haven't found what I'm looking for. I will admit I do not write with the same √©lan as I did a decade ago. Perhaps the same verbosity, but not with the intensity or sense of purpose. It is clear my blogging is more a habit and less a platform than in previous times. I'm sorry.

I did run across a short piece of fiction about a snot-nosed kid  I thought was pretty good. I had no memory of writing it. I may put it up again. Of course I did not bookmark it, so who knows if I can find it.


B said...

If you are on the Tri_state, you passed near me.

Email me and I will give you a telephone number...Call me next time yer gonna go past Merrilleville) and I'll buy lunch or the first two beers....

hey teacher... said...

If you head to Evansville area, I too will make the aforementioned 2 beer offer to ye. Btw. Lovin’ Chitown.

Linda said...

Wearing shoes to work sounds dreadful.

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