July 14, 2018

I know, let's let everyone out of prison

Today marks Bastille Day in France. For me it serves not as a reminder of independence, but as a warning of what happens when progressives get in charge. Getting rid of a king was a good thing, mind you, but the excesses and freedom-destroying ways of the leftists always ends in disaster. Things started with freeing criminals in France and moved on to outlawing churches right to chopping off the heads of people who failed to toe the line. Then they gave us a the metric system. Finally, the end result, as always, was a dictator.

Lest we think this progression an anomaly, see Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, and Venezuela.

From now on I will refer to lefty / progressive types as Levellers or Diggers* here at the old blog. At my semi-advanced age I still learn new stuff. Imagine my surprise when studying a bit on the English Civil Wars to run across a bunch of Marxists before Marx existed. At least the levellers admitted the goal was everyone would be leveled off, not a pipe dream that everyone would be raised to wealth.

The Leveller-types in Revolutionary France ended dressing like beggars so that they did not pretend to be better than the lowest of society. Imagine, the leaders of various Committees sitting around in filthy rags in the name of equality. Form over substance and hypocrisy are the hallmarks of Diggers. Even modern ones like millionaire Bernie Sanders.

*BTW the diggers were squatting on someone else's land. Note the Leveller-leanings in the article. Do a little research on your own to learn more. It doesn't cost nothin' to surf the interwebz. I can't do all the heavy lifting.
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