July 15, 2018

Please Joe, tell me more

I started on the last book of the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell Friday evening. That is number 20, if you are counting. According to my blog archives, I started re-reading the series around May 29. That means I am knocking off a book about every 3 days or so. In my spare time. In my youth I probably could have read all 20 books easily in less than 25 days. I was a loser middle school kid then with nothing better to do than read and fondle myself. Things didn't get much better in high school.

It was easier to read in those days. I only needed 3-4 hours of sleep. There was nothing on tv. There were no video games. I could read two Louis L'Amour westerns in a day, if I worked at it. I can't sit and do marathon readings like that any more. You may read faster. Hah, those 20 books are without a doubt more books than my wife has read in 40 years, combined. By a factor of 20. That's just one more thing we do not have in common.

Anyway, to celebrate my almost done with the books moment, I watched Waterloo yesterday. If you can't find a copy come on over and watch it with me next week. You bring the beer and steaks. I will provide the popcorn. Just kidding. You could send me a box of Omaha steaks and I'll loan you my movie though. You will also have to give your first born and the title to your truck or car as collateral. That movie is rare and hard to find. Unless you go to Amazon. It is easy to find it there. But it is not a cheap DVD, you won't find it in the $5 bin at WalMart.

I think I'll start in on the Patrick O'Brien stuff again next. It has been a few years, so why not?

Edit. True confession this was a canned post. Freshly canned, mind you. I was in a chatty mood yesterday, but saw no need to throw up tree posts on a Saturday. OK, the picture was canned some three weeks ago, still I'm sure you get my point. Anyway, I did not watch Waterloo. I took down tne DVD to view it on the big TV. Instead I discovered a very good mini series on Napoleon * from about a decade ago that I had never seen. As near as I can tell, the costumes and facts are pretty accurate. The battle scenes are pretty meh.  The actor playing Bonaparte  is too old, though. Lest we forget, Napoleon was in his twenties when he conquered Italy as a general and was only in his thirties when he tamed all of Europe. He was just 46 at Waterloo. Take that Zuckerburg, you slacker.

*sorry, my crappy first generation iPad won't connect and link to imdb.

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