August 2, 2018

Problem Solved

I stopped by WalMart yesterday evening. I grabbed the essentials - a case of Coke Zero, bread, a jar of popcorn, and a bag of plastic straws. The last in hopes I find a turtle. I'm gonna poke it in the nose with the straw.

Seriously, of all the plastic waste in the world, why straws? Little plastic tubes must be a fraction of nothing in the giant landfill we call Earth. How about getting rid of the plastic packaging that surrounds just about everything as an anti-theft measure these days? You can't cut it, tear it, pry it apart, or even bite it open. We bought a new toy for the granddaughter and by the time we got it open she was too old for it.

Why do the busybodies of the world feel compelled to force the rest of us to comply with their agenda? If you think straws are evil, don't use one. Hate plastic bags? Take your own germ and bacteria filled cloth ones to the store. Think your taxes are too low, pay more. Root for the Patriots and worship Tom Brady? Well, perhaps some notions should be outlawed.

Nope, fatties can't figure out a Big Mac is full of calories, so restaurants have to post it on the menu. Your kid complains about the tofu sandwich and baby carrots you sent to school in an environment-friendly hemp bag because little Billy has Cheetos and Twinkies in his PJ Masks lunch box? The nannies insist the school mandate that every kid MUST eat healthy and confiscate non-complying brown bags as necessary. Leave my kid alone. If you do not like the owners' Christian beliefs, don't eat at Chick-fil-A. There is no need to protest outside. Just do not eat there. That leaves more for me.

Mind your own dang business.

The sooner the world wakes up and makes me Executive Plenipotentiary, Supreme Mediator, Chief Justice of Common Sense, and Arbiter of Taste, the better off we will be.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The thing with the plastic straws is based on a 9-year-old boy's science project and has been debunked.

And the US is not the problem when it comes to plastic waste in the oceans.

Greenies gotta keep up the skeer somehow, I guess. Too bad they fail so badly at it.

Joe said...

I’ve seen the Yangtze both st the mouth and up river. There is a reason you don’t drink the water in China

More to the point I’m sick of the form over substance measures that inconvenience me and add cost to my life

Anonymous said...

Well I like Brady, so much for that. Now that I am back in Indiana, I guess I should cheer for the Cubs and Da Bears. I can go with the Cubs, but will always be a Green Bay Fan. Actually I follow College sports, the pro's just piss me off. One last thing where the hell did summer go in Indiana?

James Old Guy

Joe said...

It has turned right into September weather-wise

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