September 22, 2018

A Nostalgic Look at the Future

It is a chilly start to the first day of fall. Not freezing by any means, but 57 F is far from the 79 temperature this time yesterday. I may have to put on jeans when I go for my morning constitutional later.

I percolated  some coffee this morning rather than going K-cup. Sure,you can believe it was an effort to reduce my plastic waste.

I can tell it is moving into fall. My allergies are starting to get worse. I have had a headache for several days. My nose is dripping this morning and I feel a general lethargy coming on.

That might explain why it has taken 15 minutes to compose the few sentences of this post so far. I can usually crank out an entry in no time. I am struggling today. That may explain the paucity of content. I seem to spend far more time sipping coffee and listening to music than hunting and pecking out the coherent word combinations on my electronic keyboard that defines our near-daily one-sided conversation.

I watched Led Zeppelin's mid-70s concert movie The Song Remains the Same last night. In my youth I owned the soundtrack on 8 Track. You youngsters have no idea of that format. I remember the familiar mmmm-click-mmmm came in the midst of the music a couple of times as the track changed. Just as I did some forty years ago I skipped over the twelve minutes of drum solo in the song "Moby Dick.". That tune is almost as boring as Melville's book of the same name. In fairness, Bonham's drumming is more entertaining that Ishmail's whining. Yeah, I skipped over the book when it was assigned in my school days too.

I would not be surprised to discover you fast forwarded through this post.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Percolate, not drip? Do you buy a special grind for that?

Anonymous said...

Still alive,, mostly

James Old Guy

Joe said...

Ed no just plain old Maxwell House.

I have a drip maker in addition to the Keurig. My daughter bought me the percolater for my birthday. I use occasionally it in nostalgia for my youthful camping and re-enacting days.

dragonlady474 said...

OMG we have something in common. I hate that friggin' drum solo!

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