September 20, 2018

I was wrong

For those of you who believe no woman can lie about the serious issue of sexual assault:


A former classmate of Christine Blasey Ford tells NPR that she does not know if an alleged sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh took place as she first suggested on social media.
“That it happened or not, I have no idea,” Cristina King Miranda told NPR’s Nina Totenberg. “I can’t say that it did or didn’t.”
That’s different from what Miranda wrote Wednesday in a now-deleted Facebook post that stated definitively, “The incident DID happen, many of us heard about it in school.”...“In my [Facebook] post, I was empowered and I was sure it probably did [happen],” Miranda told NPR. “I had no idea that I would now have to go to the specifics and defend it before 50 cable channels and have my face spread all over MSNBC news and Twitter.”


Anonymous said...

And of course judges never lie.

Anonymous said...

Sir you have shown your true colors.

Joe said...

Look, people lie. All of the time. Women are no more angels (nor devils) than men. Dr Ford likely fought off a pawing boy (most women have), it is also possible she is mixed up on the who, after all, she does not remember most of the details (when, where). In addition, three of the people she names as being at the party, including one who was not involved in the incident, say it never happened or that they were not there.

If you cannot see the dirty politics of this, then you are as politically blind as you all claim I am.

Anonymous said...

Take the politics out of it and look at the people. What the politicians do with this is on them. That goes for both sides. That you would so quickly label it political and jump to one side or the other is on you. How quick we are to dismiss people when it doesn't meet our needs. Forget the setting of this and look at the incident on its own. The problem is your bias in your choice of jokes you chose to share shows your someone hidden self. And if you think the incident as described was a pawing boy. Yuck. You really don't have respect for women do you. Wow. Maybe I am blind after all. Disillusioned mouse

Joe said...

I'm trying to put myself into the situation

A woman I don't know accuses me of groping her (substitute the verb of your choice) four decades ago at an un-named location, and she doesn't know exactly when and names a co-conspirator who also has no knowledge of the event and demands I defend myself. how about a Lille empathy from tne other direction, or is your political bias in tne way?

Have you read any Kafka?

As for jokes, I put one up about rednecks a while back does that too indicate a deep-seated hate?

As the gentleman you are firmly convinced I am not I will allow you the final rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

1. He knew her not personal buddies but social circles
2. The location is somewhat known was assault not groping
4. Approximate period is known
5. The other party the doesn't remember was guilty as well
6. Change the narrative as you the victim and to keep balance the same let's make it guys who decide to make you their male bitch. Just feel groped still. I'm sure the only reason you got away was what slippery stuff came out of your pants.
Kafka no
Yes you have a bias on red necks as well. A different type of bias but still there.
We all have bias. Realizing it is important.
I'm not asking you to be a gentleman I'm asking you not to inflame a bad situation that too many people are already have and to realize what you say and how you say it does matter. I think I'm probably preaching to brick walls but I gave it my best shot.
Sad disillusioned mouse

Joe said...

Re #5. I see who also has a bias. ( what about the other guy she claimed go was at the party but not part of the assault [that the right verb?] who denies he was at tne party at all? He has nothing to gain or lose. Is he a liar too? )

You are guilty of all you blame me. You automatically have taken a side and decided the case, just as I have. Welcome to the other side of the mirror. I guess empathy is a one-way street.

I'm starting to think you agree with the Senator from Hawaii that all men are guilty and should just shut up.

Nice open mind you have there....

BTW I fixed the joke you found so offensive. I see why so many comedians are calling it quits. Going through life butthurt all of the time must be a dreary existence.

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so right. I am so biased and have never called for calm and caution. I screamed Lynch him high load and long and never said she could be wrong. You ask for points of how it could be possible then when presented with them you scream gotcha.
Did the male bitch story shake you a little. Thought it would.
I don't think the other guy was in the room and was a party to jumping on top. A lot of people that were there will suddenly not have been there. Why would they go thru that he'll of a media circus and smear campaign.
I don't want you to shut up I want you to stand up.
The butthurt is only if you don't escape being the male bitch.
Window to the soul window to the soul. There is a lot of humor out there and as most comedians know timing is everything. Your timing sucked.

Ed Bonderenka said...


Cappy said...

I got to third base with her real easy.

Anonymous said...

Yes and she was disappointed and went to find a guy with bigger hands.

Anonymous said...

Not trump, I guess


Anonymous said...

No no man ho's
Who would want stormy's sloppy second thousands

Anonymous said...

Is EOB back? Sounds like the same crap she was spouting with her Obama is my hero and Trump is the devil's son. Your Anonymous is just another lieing scum sucking liberal with no plans of actually doing any work and wants the world to support them because they just happened to have acess to a computer, just another loser.

James Old Guy

Anonymous said...

Not eob. Not a welfare ho. Work probably a lot harder than most. Also not a sheep, have a few morals left, use the Ole noggin, and not on attack dog status.

Joe said...

I will assume Mousketeer you gave the same degree of support and reasonable doubt to Paula Jones, Kathleen Willy, and Juanita Broderick?

I am certain you are wondering why we are not hearing from the woman accusing Keith Ellison?

Do you think Corey Booker should recuse himself from the Kavenaugh Hearings since has admitted to a very similar assault while in high school?

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes. You do know Kasick was the best choice. He did good by Ohio and was a solid choice. Not flashy, good morals, hard worker, sensible, logical. Bat shit crazy was a good phrase for the repubs in 2016. Still is.

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