September 28, 2018

Juan de Torquemada is smiling in his grave

Dalton Trumbo has long been a causes celebres  among the leftists. Named by the McCarthy House Un-American Activities Committee as a possible communist, Trumbo was blacklisted from working in Hollywood. Like others accused during the days of the Red Hysteria, they were guilty because they could not prove a negative claim -- " prove you do not harbor communist sympathies". 

Further back in history is the case of Sacco and Vanzetti. This pair of anarchists were executed for the killing of a guard and paymaster during a robbery. The evidence was slim and the judge in the case  stated in his charge to the jury that even if they were not guilty of the robbery and murder they were "morally culpable" because of their far-leftist politics and should be judged accordingly. Liberals and progressives around the world protested their conviction and subsequent execution, including future Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter.

Will future historians mark the "guilt by accusation" hysteria as beginning with the shameful Judicial Committee hearings yesterday? 

Most of us hoped the McCarthyism of yesteryear was a shameful event best left to the dustbin of history. I guess for Senate Democrats revenge really is a dish best served cold.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I think Lindsey Graham put paid to that notion.

Thank God John McCain is dead.

Anonymous said...

So I ask you what you would say to dr. Ford?
Too bad buttercup.
Sucks it up.
Go get your Blankie and stop being offended at everything.
Who cares?
You should be glad someone thought enough of you to grope you?
Politics are more important than you.
You are a delusional bitch.
You waited too long
How dare you accuse this special person.
What's wrong with you?
You don't matter.
I like beer don't you? (Makes me a jolly good fellow)
Hey you didn't get raped so it don't count.
No body believes you so go away.
How dare you accuse someone without witnesses, pictures, and maybe a movie.
You hysterical.

So what's your selection?
And if you were mr. Dr. Ford what would you be saying.

Judge kavanagh is doing a job interview not being prosecuted.
He is not being injected, hung or shot afterwards.

Whatever torture he is going thru dr ford is enduring the same thing.

I do not see a clear path through this. All involved are forever tainted. Including us.

Ed Bonderenka said...

God help us. Such stupidity is rampant!
You don't care if he's innocent or not.
Someone must pay!
Did you even read the post?
Job interview. How dense can you be?
I've been in a lot of interviews and no one ever accused me of rape, or even asked.

Anonymous said...

Sir, ignorance, stupidity, density?
Its amazing when one ask a question of their response to the opposing held views, the name calling and demeaning of views or responses is commenced.
Your symbol on your response seems to indicate a christian alliance.
Too bad the behavior doesn't match.

Ed Bonderenka said...

My Christian alliance does not overlook your evil intent.
You choose to blame an innocent man for the sins of many.
Unfortunately you neglect that Christ took that burden, not Judge Kavanaugh.
That put's you in the crowd that yelled crucify Him.

Anonymous said...

The spanish inquisition must be your favorite time in history.

Joe said...

??? Neither word appears in the post or comments.

Please elucidate.

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