September 30, 2018

Tell me more, tell me more

Today is my youngest son's birthday. He will be 25. There are a lot of stories about him over there in the archives. He was but 11 when this ole blog started. He requested a home cooked meal today, so the family will gather later this afternoon.

I woke up around 3:30 in the morning yesterday. I tossed and turned and finally just gave up. I watched two James Bond flicks and half of a third* before switching over to The Blues Brothers. I watched about half of it then went outside to mow the lawn.

I finally dozed for a bit in the middle innings of the baseball game. The Chicago Cubs will be the cause of my death. Seriously. It will right there on my death certificate. If they cannot rediscover their offense, it will not matter which playoff spot they end up. They will be out in the first round.

Today's game won't be on locally. The WGN/ABC7 feed is shown by a local station, alternating between the Cubs and White Sox. Tne Cubs are playing in a meaningful game to determine playoff seeding. The Sox are 237 games out of first. They are making vacation plans. So the White Sox and Twins will be shown.

I've rambled enough regarding subjects about which you care nothing. Enjoy your Sunday.

* I have always found Goldfinger tedious, both the movie and book.


Cheryl said...

Hey I am a pirates fan so you can guess how I feel. Sorry to say, I am rooting for the brewers. Your cubs are too arrogant for me. I read everyday but seldom comment.

Joe said...

Thanks for reading Cheryl. The Pirates have had a rough decade or so

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