September 30, 2018

It is a quest for power and money

Do you wonder, as I do, why out of more than 300 million citizens, people like Hillary and Trump are the best we can come with to vie for the Presidency?

The events of the past weeks are exactly why good people eschew government service like the plague. Who wants that kind of anal probing and lynch mob attack?

Any of you who think Thursday was about getting Dr. Ford an opportunity to tell her story are blind, ignorant, or foolish.


Ed Bonderenka said...

"blind, ignorant, or foolish."
Stupid, ignorant or evil.

Joe said...

This is me nodding in agreement

Linda said...

This definition is exactly why I did not tell of the attempts of our preacher when I was 13 or 14. I would just be labeled with pejorative terms, shredded.

Joe said...


This post was not an attack on Dr Ford.

Do you think if Kavenaugh was still just a judge on the Federal bench and not a nominee for the supreme court the sleazy politicians would be calling on the FBI for an investigation of a 35 year old accusation? Would there have been trillions of words written about it? Would there be hours of film?

She is a tool for political purposes, no more. And it is sad.

And the politics, since the beginning, has been what I have been inadequately ranting about. The dirty, rank, nasty, sleazy, and evil politics of the whole process.

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