October 8, 2018

Ocean blue and all of that stuff

It is Columbus Day, celebrating the man who lead the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria ships into the Caribbean Islands more than 500 years ago. Bankrolled by Spanish Royalty, Columbus was searching for the Far East. Instead, his little vessels became the first of many cruise ships to dock at Nassau.

Sure, Columbus wasn't the first to run his ship into the Americas. After all, there were people already living here. The Norse and maybe the Welsh likely were visitors long before Columbus, but he had a better press agent. You know how it is; you discover a beautiful little place to vacation and the next time you go back there is a paved parking lot, admission fees, and that asshole Jimmie has carved his name into one of the trees.

Some people refuse to celebrate Columbus Day, instead calling the demi-holiday Indigenous People's Day, a mouthful of syllables that indicates we should honor the natives instead of the Dead White Guy who brought disease, death, and other white people to North and South America. OK. I'm good with that. Let's not take things too far. Indigenous People, Ohio just doesn't roll off the tongue.

I think the mailman has the day off. I do too, because I want to. Does that mean you get a bevy of postulations, opinion, humor, and pithy commentary today? As Big Jake said, "Not Hardly".

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Linda said...

I am glad he came here. Conditions are much better here than where my ancestors came from. Of course, the progress was over the deaths of people already here.

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