October 10, 2018

I'm jonesing for some pecan pie

Humpity Humpity Hump Day is upon us. It is a transition day in more than one sense. We have enjoyed August-like weather for a while now. The upper 80s will give way to more seasonable, in fact cooler than seasonal temperatures starting tomorrow. We will go from pushing 90 to near-freezing almost over night. Shorts to jeans and a jacket. But we won't have to deal with real weather like hurricanes, so I ain't complaining. Much.

A spate of cold weather will make the wife's pumpkins and gourds on the porch look a little more seasonal. It will maybe kick-start the leaves into turning. The Bradford Pears didn't drop their leaves until December last year. It is not that I want to rake leaves at all, but let's get it done with. 

Oh, and regarding the title, it is PEE cawn not pee CAN

1 comment:

hey teacher... said...

WTF! I call fake news!!! I came for the title and all I got was was a pronunciation lesson. I have pecan pie instead of cake for my birthday and I use the Billy Crystal pronunciation from “Whe Harry Met Sally”.
I suppose I could be placated with a little Friday music.Pretenders, Psychedelic Furs, maybe a B52 or two. Thanks!

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