October 1, 2018

Lines form on my face and hands

Today is my son's birthday. No, that is neither a repeat nor a mistake. My boys' birthdays are a day apart. Today marks my oldest son's thirtieth birthday. Unfortunately, he lives in Colorado so we won't get to celebrate with him.

In other news..I have nothing to report. The Cubs and Brewers play later today to determine who is the Divisional Winner and who will be the Wild Card entry in the playoffs.

Have a great Monday


I have said all I intend to on the politics of the day. A few weeks ago I discussed the rancor that is prevalent in today's culture and then went and helped perpetuate it.

Nothing has happened to change my opinion. There is no need to hammer it every day.

I have always maintained that reasonable people can disagree. The sole caveat is that both parties must be reasonable.

We all get to choose which side we think is being unreasonable.


dragonlady474 said...

Happy Birthday to both your sons!
This weekend was spent grocery shopping, after a failed attempt to try out a "new place". Have a great week HB.

hey teacher... said...

Unfortunately, lines form on the left and right too.

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