October 21, 2018


Amy Schumer has announced with great fanfare she will not be in any Superbowl ads this year.  Guess what? I will not appear in any of those ads either. She claims her absence is in support of Colin Kaepernick. I suspect the real reason you will not see her in ads is the same as the reason you won't see me shilling goods -- no one hired her. The last time she was in a Superbowl ad was 2016. I guess she must have been protesting something else that past couple of years?

Maybe she is just an attention whore. She isn't funny, her acting is wooden. Her recent movies have bombed at the box office. Her political stance has alienated half the country. Who wants to hire that shrew to promote your products? 

So in the spirit of the times, I join with the talentless d-list celebrity Amy Schumer. I will not be in any Superbowl ads. I also will not accept any Oscars, Tony Awards, or Grammys. I will not make vast audiences laugh. I will not because I am a no-talent schlub. That's pretty much why she will not do those things either. 

I just admit the real reason and it ain't some noble cause.

Join with me and Amy. Refuse to be in a Superbowl ad.  Just say #MeNeither.

Unless someone actually hires you. then go ahead.


Ed Bonderenka said...

If elected, I will refuse to serve...

Anonymous said...


I too refuse to be elected anything


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If nominated I will not run
If elected I will not serve
If forced to serve I will shut down every executive department under my authority
...and in all cases, the Republic will be better off.

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