November 1, 2018

All of that candy


That is how many Trick or Treaters showed up at the door last night. That is just below the average of...three...we have enjoyed since moving here. We have lived in this house since 2013. It is clear kids do not come to our cul-de-sac to collect Halloween candy, yet the wife insists on buying a couple of bags of candy bars every year. I suggested grabbing a six pack of big candy bars and that is it. I was clearly speaking in Charlie Brown teacher voice. We now have a big Halloween bowl of candy on the table.

This is a far cry from the hordes we had at our previous house. The streets were filled with kids running from house to house collecting goodies. The neighborhood really looked like the Halloween depicted on TV shows. We would go through three or four of those giant bags of goodies like you get at WalMart and Target. One year I had to confiscate stuff from my kids' stash to redistribute!

It is done for another year.  We will finally get rid of the candy by Easter.  Next year I will lose the argument yet another time as the wife convinces herself that this year the kids will ring the doorbell on Halloween.

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Nawm D Gerr said...

Same difference for us, our old neighborhood was extremely busy but our retirement home in a small town not so much. Which is good for us, because we have chihuahuas that go nuts. Our small town does a Halloween party, so that might keep them centered on Main Street. At least you won't eat it all right away, or you say it will last until Easter. Ours will be gone and I will have to think up an excuse to get more.

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