November 2, 2018

I hate the end of DST because that means an extra hour of political ads

It is Friday and in a long-standing tradition I could throw up a music selection. I am tempted to post The Moody Blues Tuesday Afternoon or maybe the Stones'  Ruby Tuesday in a tangential homage to the upcoming Election Day. I won't, because I just want Tuesday to come and go away.

We in the Hoosier State are plagued by political ads just like you are. Since our Senate battle is pivotal to political control, we see ad after ad after ad. One candidate had three ads in a row last night followed by two for the other guy! If you don't think politicians are corrupt explain why anyone would spend millions to get a job that pays $160K?

Strangely, both the Democrat and the Republican are bragging about how they back Trump's policies.

If one believes the advertisements, both are liars, human garbage intent on ruining America as you know it, handing out hundred dollar bills from your taxes to murdering, raping immigrants, conspiring to take away your access to doctors while sending jackbooted thugs to confiscate your guns so you have no protection from the Bolsheviks. Both want to send your job to Mexico or China, while protecting the jobs here in Indiana.  And both hate the Washington elite.

That is why they are spending millions to become part of it, I guess.

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