December 15, 2018

Easy Cherry Compote

I finally picked up my new glasses yesterday. They have been ready for a good while, but travel. They are sure different.  I have had wire rims for as long as I have worn, or was supposed to wear, glasses. That is to say about 40 years. The new plastic frames are gonna take a bit to get used to. The eye-wear lady was right, they make me look younger. The wife was right too when she said while the glasses make my face look less that of an old man, it emphasizes my gray hair. I am not dying my hair, I can assure you of that.

I could take a picture and show you. I won't because I am lazy. One of the downsides of keeping a sooper sekrit blog life is that none of my email addresses actually works on the old blogeroo. I would have to take a selfie on the phone. I am not good at it and I come out distorted and looking askew, I could then email said bad picture to myself. I would then have to save it to my hard drive. Then I must sign out of my gmail account and sign into my blog account. Then I could download the picture to the blog. Frankly, you do not care and I am not going through the trouble to post a picture I will erase in a day because I am paranoid about my real life.

The wife and I attended the company Christmas party last night. A good time was had by all. We failed to win any prizes or giveaways, but such is life.

It is going to be a short weekend. We have my granddaughter's birthday party today and then tomorrow I am off once again to the land of sombreros and tacos. I opted to travel on Sunday to avoid returning on the Friday before Christmas.

Remember when I was complaining about never getting to travel? I started on the 12th of November.When this week ends I will have traveled 19 days for work in just over a month. That is why I have been pretty much absent from these pages. Things should get better after the first of the year.

Anyway, you now have my typical long Saturday post full of stuff you do not care about, but isn't that the whole point of blogging?

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Jean said...

aww, c'mon...picture, picture, picture.
Have a co-worker take one of you in Nacholand.

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