December 16, 2018

Today's Secret Word is Mundane

One of the good things about my new gig is that I can wear jeans for everyday wear. Just not to visit customers (duh). The downside is that my collection of jeans is pretty ragged. I had a pair that was decent and one good pair. That won't cut it. We bought a pair last week and two more last night. I hate to drop $40 bucks each on Levi's right before Christmas, but I knew I was going to have to get some new clothes when I took the job. Cubs T-shirts and ripped jeans or shorts were fine when I spent the days barefoot in my home office; in corporate America, not so much. Even if the office was business casual my two or three pairs of Dockers was insufficient. I needed new clothes in a bad way. I just wish the timing was better.

I stopped by the foreign currency exchange place yesterday. She only had $3 worth of Pesos. I didn't bother. I guess the bell boy at the Marriott is screwed again this week. For some reason the hotel will only convert Euros. Indianapolis International Airport doesn't have currency exchange, nor does the tiny Puebla aerodrome. If it don't go on the corporate expense account credit card, it won't get bought.

We got a little Christmas shopping done last evening, but we have a long way to go. Unfortunately, the wife is going to have to bear the burden this week. I will try get her something Friday when I'm back. A hint or two would sure be nice though.

I'm off to refill my coffee cup. Have a great Sunday.

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B said...

Next time, try your bank. Lots of 'em do (limited) currency exchange.

Also, there should be one at the Houston airport.

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